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A Russian twist on the American Western, this "Eastern" opens up with a beautiful woman dressed in red walking across an open green field, carrying two pails of water on her shoulders. This woman ends up being almost the heart of the film, even though she has no real part in the movie. Then reality sets in, and the desert by the Caspain sea is seen. The leading man, Red Army soldier Fyodor Sukhov, is about to return home to his lovely wife (our lady in red) after being away at war when he gets in the middle of a fight, and finds himself in charge of the 9 wives of Abdullah. Throughout the rest of the movie he has to help protect the wives, while they believe themselves to be his. However, his wife seems to be the thing that keeps him going through life as he writes to her every day. He has to help keep the wives safe through the rest of the movie, and keep himself safe to return to his wife, to finally get out of the desert.
At the end of the Russian Civil War, Red Army soldier Fyodor Sukhov is ordered to guard the harem of a Caspian Sea guerrilla leader.
I have seen the impact that the American Western had on the Italians ("The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly") and now I have seen its influence of the Russians. This "Ostern" tackles the subject matter of civil war, bigamy, and death with a wonderful lack of pretense that is expected from a John Wayne movie; all that has changed are the ideologies. With a little more in common with "Lawrence of Arabia" than just sand the movie focuses on an unextraordinary man forced to rise to the occasion of being a hero. The lead is extremely engaging as a man who never looses his laid-back attitude even as soldiers pour oil around him and the many wives. His fidelity to his farm wife provides for the movie's highlight. He imagines his wife surrounded by the entire harem performing chores around the field. The clashing of East and… well, further East provides for many comical situations. The way the harem acts around the men in the museum is countered by the men lusting after them.
White sun of the desert was a very interesting film. It seemed to revolve around the idea of duty. It often presented different characters with a challenge that they had to rise to and overcome in whatever way they knew how. The different ways that this idea manifested itself was the interesting part. Not every hero in the film was equal. Some of them were characters that possessed traits that were far from desirable but this was not always the case. For example, the main character Sukhov was making his journey home when he was given the task of escorting a group of women across the desert. He rejected this task at first but when the women were left with him he rose to the occasion and did whatever was necessary to protect them until they reached their destination. In the beginning of the film Sukhov find and saves Sayid from death. Throughout the film Sayid repeatedly leaves to peruse his own goal of avenging his father&#39;s death, but he always seems to return when his services are needed to help protect the group of women. Another unlikely hero in the film is Vereshchagin, a drunkard that clings to his past experiences of grandeur. This character is told by his wife not to get involved in Sukhov&#39;s problem but when he is truly needed he also does what is necessary and aids Sukhov in battle.<br/><br/>This was a very fun film to watch. It was very interesting to watch the different types of heroes that all rose to the occasion and did what they needed to do. Sukhov was the only character in the story that was not flawed in very obvious ways, but even the characters with problems were able to give what they had to the cause. This made me think of the soviet state and how it may have wanted to deliver the message that even if one is not perfect the state would not be able to exist and function without them. Everyone had to play a part that was necessary in order to complete the goal.

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