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Eighteen years after completing their "mission from God", Elwood J. Blues is released from prison only to learn of the deaths of his brother and partner in crime, 'Joliet' Jake Blues, and his father figure and mentor, Curtis, as well as the destruction of the orphanage he was raised in. With no family, no roots, and no life, a discouraged Elwood goes to meet with Sister (now Mother) Mary Stigmata. At this meeting, in addition to getting stuck mentoring a wise-ass orphan named Buster, Elwood learns of the existence of Curtis' illegitimate son, Cable. Now determined to seek out the only family he has left and to reassemble The Band, Elwood, with the help of his new associate and lead singer, 'Mighty' Mack McTeer, embarks on a death-defying journey that will pit them against the Russian Mafia, a Neo-Confederate Militia, the State Police and the FBI, and end with The Band competing in a Battle of the Bands competition against The Louisiana Gator boys led by B.B. King!
Elwood must reunite the old band, with a few new members, and go on another "Mission from God."
If you like R&B music you certainly will enjoy this film despite the fact it's a bad copy of the original.Singers and players shown here are excellent.I found the plot full of nonsense. Why a russian mafia? Why so many scenes of cars being smashed up ? Until when are we,viewers,forced to watch car chasings ? Certainly this movie can't be compared to the first Blues Brothers film which I consider one of the finest musicals I have ever seen.Music is the only thing which makes this film worth seeing.
This movie was great. I admit that the plot leaves a little to be desired, but the music more than makes up for that. Evan Bonifant makes an excellent addition, better than John Goodman who did good. It combines humor, good music, and a family message. Definitely worth seeing several times.

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